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Laudato Si’ Animators Training is an online course designed to train and inspire local volunteers from all walks of life to bring Catholic teaching on climate change into their local communities

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Learn the concepts of Laudato Si, and how it fits into Catholic social teaching’s principles of human dignity, common good, and solidarity. 
  • Understand the causes and consequences of climate change – how the unfairness and injustice of this crisis affects the earth and the poor. 
  • See how they are connected to the situation, examples of how others are bringing Laudato Si to life, and a connection to a global movement. 
  • Practice the skill of putting together an event or activity for their community, talking with others about Laudato Si, and have a chance to reflect on that learning.
  • Connect to their own calling to bring Laudato Si to life – a sense of their own path for carrying out actions in light of our faith to care for creation. See how their own faith connects with the moral duty to address the climate crisis. 
  • Dedicate themselves to ongoing personal ecological conversion, so that their hearts and eyes are open to cry of the earth and the poor and they are called into deeper action. They are eager for ongoing involvement with GCCM, whether by building a chapter, a circle, involvement in Laudato Si Generation, or otherwise supporting our common mission.