Popes World Wide Prayer Network and Eucharistic Youth Movement mark Sacred Heart of Jesus as our Solemnity. Today we start the Novena to the Sacred Heart to culminate on the Feast of the Sacred Heart for more read below

The Way of the Heart

Do you want participate in the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network?

Enter “The Way of the Heart”. It  is the formation program of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network—The Apostleship of Prayer. It is a program which draws our heart to be nearer to the Heart of Jesus, to align our hearts with His heart’s sentiments, desires and yearnings. It invites us to unite ourselves to the mission which Jesus received from the Father. Being friends of Jesus, deeply united to Him, perceiving His joys and sufferings for the world, the program leads us to commit ourselves with Him to take up the challenges that confront humanity and the mission of the Church. Every month the Pope articulates these challenges through his intentions, and his intentions help us to understand the mission of Christ in our day. The “Way of the Heart” helps us, then, to recognize the challenges of the world with the eyes of Jesus, to mobilize us each month, docile to the Holy Spirit, for prayer and service. It is thus that the program transforms us daily and deeper into praying-apostles and disciple-missionaries, for a mission of compassion for the world. SUMMARY